Heart Treasures

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” – Luke 2:19

I’ve always marveled at that. Each Christmas season, when I hear the retelling of the birth of Christ with the angels, and the shepherds and the manger and the hay; I love Mary’s response to it all. It prompts me to reflect on the year that has passed, selecting my treasures and pondering on them. I wonder if maybe she made a habit of holding on to those treasures. Later in the Christmas story she is told that a sword would pierce her own soul with the fall and rising of her son… did she ponder on her treasures, holding tightly to them in those dark hours when her soul was bleeding?

I’m taking a life inventory this week as part of my Story 101 e-course. As someone with a writers’ soul I observe and capture moments vividly. Each one of these, bitter or sweet, I can see, smell, and almost reach out and touch. These are my heart treasures.

  • Heard my Father speak my name in a sunlit graveyard
  • Smashed a porcelain tea set just to hear the pieces shatter
  • Watched fireworks from my treehouse, held in the arms of a childhood crush
  • Had my hand held for the first time walking on the levee of the Mississippi River
  • Danced with abandon in front of my church as a little girl
  • Cleaned toilets with strangers in a tiny Mississippi town
  • Called the authorities for a friend who overdosed
  • Watched my favorite art teachers fall in love while we cleaned the ceramics studio
  • Collected beach glass on the Mississippi river for a found-art sculpture
  • Sold my sculpture for over $300 and became an artist
  • Hiked in the Andes Mountains
  • Never went back to Peru
  • Chased pigeons on the National Mall in DC
  • Let my grandpa brush and blowdry my curly hair
  • Flew a kite in Hurricane Katrina’s winds
  • Learned the scent of death in a New Orleans home only 2 weeks after it had 10 feet of water standing in it
  • Broke the news to a homeowner that she had 6 feet of water fill her house for weeks
  • Cried with her when she told me her dog was locked inside
  • Danced for Dominicans while covered in dust and paint
  • Shivered in a frost covered pasture to watch the most spectacular meteor shower of my life
  • Spread 1,152 pastel Easter eggs across a friends lawn on Thanksgiving morning
  • Established and annually celebrated “Pranksgiving”
  • Read Hinds Feet on High Places
  • Cried with friends whose arms ached for babies
  • Cried with friends when they read positive pregnancy tests
  • Stood next to my best friend during the most God-honoring wedding I’ve ever been a part of
  • Left a church by myself – twice
  • Read Captivating
  • Examined the anatomy of a kiss
  • Drove alone to New Orleans to be the only person who showed up for a gifted songwriters performance
  • Stood under a waterfall
  • Tamed wild kittens
  • Found and believed in my “eye” for photography
  • Saw the sunrise from my swingset; over and over
  • Trembled as I held the phone to my ear and heard the words, “It’s cancer.”
  • Sang hymns with a broken voice to my daddy in the ICU
  • Learned to love wine
  • Rode the ferry on the Mississippi just to ride it
  • Sucked the heads of countless crawfish (respecting my roots)
  • Was hired into the state job of my dreams during a hiring freeze
  • Forgave the first boy to break my heart
  • Went on my first date at 21 years old
  • Stood in the room while my grandfather slipped away with Jesus
  • Dropped out of high school
  • Got my GED months before my friends graduated
  • Moved out of my parents home at 19 years old

Which of these snatches would you like to hear the story of? What are some of your hearts greatest treasures? Share with me. 


8 thoughts on “Heart Treasures

    • Dancing – we made up little routines for some of our favorite worship songs as little girls. And we “performed” them each Sunday on the side of the sanctuary. With ribbon hoops and scarves, just completely abandoned. I’d forgotten about it until I sat down to write this list. There was something beautiful and innocent in that form of worship. Other than that, I participated in choreographed dances my church did for holidays or other events (mission trips).

      And Pranksgiving? Too many stories to tell! Too often they included pumpkins. And just general mischief.

      Thanks for asking!

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