Saying Yes to Naked

Why did I say yes to this?

The word was showing up everywhere. Every few days it was in another article headline, an email, on my news feed, or spoken by friends old and new. I couldn’t seem to get away from it and it filled me with wonder. Until I asked Him which word would be mine. And there it was again, in big, bold letters. What inspired me only days before suddenly made my blood run cold.

My word for the year is naked. My word. for 2014. is. naked. Just writing that sentence makes my heartbeat accelerate. I have to consciously steady my breathing. I ask myself – why did I say yes to this?  It isn’t the first time God has given me a word for a new year. This has become an annual thing. But it’s the first time I’ve wanted to tell Him, “No.” So, I said “Yes.” If only because I didn’t want to.

Even now, I don’t want to write this. I’ve avoided it for over a week. I laughed when I noticed that this draft has 21 revisions; I’m sure there will be more before I hit publish. Does that give you any idea how much this terrifies me? I worry what you’ll think of me. I worry that you will misunderstand. I worry that you will reject me. I worry that by telling you this, I will be forced to follow through.

When I think of nakedness I visualize vulnerability in every form: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. By saying yes to “Naked” I know I’m saying yes to vulnerability in ways I cannot currently conceptualize. I can only imagine where this word – where the Lord – will lead me this year. And I hope I will have the courage to keep saying “yes.”

So, I am making this my manifesto. In the coming year, when I want to give up and when I think it’s too hard, I will to come back to this and remember why I said yes:

  • I want to know how nakedness became synonymous with shame in our culture when God did not make it so.
  • I want to emerge from the shadows of shame that have covered my life spiritually, emotionally and physically.
  • I want to learn to see myself the way that He does and be able to call it good.
  • I want to learn to see beauty where I am conditioned to criticize – everywhere.
  • I want to offer my body – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically – as a living sacrifice unto Him.
  • I want to return to the Garden of Eden with Jesus, the last Adam; to know what it is to be naked and unashamed. 
  • I want to answer the question “Who told you that you’re naked?” – to come out of hiding, and let the fig leaves fall.

I said yes to this word only a couple of weeks ago and already it has challenged me and spoken to me in ways I know are not meant only for me. This will be the year of “Going Bare” {I’ll be hosting a blog series by that title, inspired by Elora Nicole}. This will be a year of transcendence. A year of brave. A year of truth and dare.

Will you join me?

I’m joining some of the ladies of Story Sessions in proclaiming my One Word. If not for the these women of valor I would never have the courage to accept this word or write my story. They inspire me every day. Join us?

Read updates on my word in the “Going Bare” series here


15 thoughts on “Saying Yes to Naked

  1. “I want to answer the question “Who told you that you’re naked?” – to come out of hiding, and let the fig leaves fall.” Oh, sister, this made me weep. Yes, who told you?! You are perfect and beautiful. I love being on this journey with you, holding hands and laughing as those damn fig leaves fall! xoxoxo

    • You, ma’am, are partially responsible for this. It was some of YOUR words that held this “secret message” of mine. Thank you, ever so much, for your constant love and encouragement. You don’t know what it means to me that I do not walk this road alone. All the hugs and love to you!

  2. Nakedness is not only about removing your clothing, it’s also about removing your shame. Nakedness is is about opening your soul, it’s about accepting yourself, it’s about being vulnerable. You’re setting off on a great journey. Open your soul to Him and He will come in.

  3. “I worry that by telling you this, I will be forced to follow through.” Yes, I have felt this too with writing on the internet. It’s a good thing, though, right? Right.
    Good luck with your brave new year!

  4. Your manifesto here is so well written. Its beautiful. God did not teach us shame. I like how you say you want to learn to call yourself, your body etc good as good does. Good luck and God bless you!!

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