Anxiety crept up on me

Anxiety crept up on me.

When I experienced the first symptoms I was in a season where everything was unsteady. My job was in transition, and I was considering some major life and career changes that would take me far away from my family and everything familiar. My church was a constant source of unpredictable drama. But despite all of this, I didn’t “feel” upset. I wasn’t worried. I had “peace.” I made myself peaceful. I made myself completely numb, without realizing what I was doing.

So, when I started having episodes of my heart racing out of control, and the breath being sucked from my lungs… I concluded it was purely physiological…
I am grateful to my Story Sister, Kate Herrell for the opportunity to write for The Honest Brain about my experience with anxiety. She’s holding an honest conversation about living with anxiety, and it’s been so good to know I am not alone. 

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