Skinny Dipping in the Deep

When I said “Yes” to Naked, I didn’t have a clue where it would lead me. I knew there was much that I wanted to explore, uncover and discover. I thought I would capitalize on every form of metaphorical nakedness: emotional, spiritual, relational. Maybe that those areas would somehow leak over into the physical, boosting my confidence. I did learn a lot about nakedness in the intangible sense this year. But from the very onset God surprised me, unmistakingly leading me down avenues I never would’ve imagined for myself. In the last year my mind has been renewed and my life transformed by the truth that God calls the physical body “good.” I am forever changed, so much so that I want to write a book about my experiences, testifying to the healing and freedom that I’ve found. A few blog posts wouldn’t do it justice.

One of the more surprising things I’ve learned this year is that pornography (defined as a depiction of the sex act or obscene drawings or photographs) is not synonymous with nakedness/nudity. After extensive bible study I have found that the Lord only ever calls His created image good. His people ascribe all sorts of slanderous words and deeds to the body. But He, Himself says that it is good, a fact which never changed after the fall. And His is the perspective that I long for and want to live according to.

I think it’s tragic that the image of God has become a villain that we fight against and refuse to see. We need redemption. 

The Lord has brought some incredible people into my life from all different faith backgrounds who have come to see the same truth about the image of God. They love Him with all of their hearts, minds, and bodies, without shame. I am not alone in this, His spirit has been revealing the same truth to many and I’ve had the privilege to meet and talk with a few of them. They have helped me understand that the gospel, the good news, is even in this. We don’t have a list of do’s and don’ts or rules to follow. According to His word we have radical freedom to see His image in one another. And that’s something I can be passionate about.

At the beginning of the year I made a list of goals, things I wanted to do as part of the Year of Naked. I challenged myself to pray naked in front of the mirror, join a small group, answer honestly when someone asks how I’m doing, get a massage, visit an art museum and let the human form awe me instead of looking away. I did all of those things, and more. The list isn’t finished. There’s room for more things to be added and more to be crossed off. The Year of Naked may be over but I’m not sure I’ll ever be finished with the word.

So if you find me changed by this year, you’d be right. If I seem a little bit defensive of these truths, bear with me. Because I’m not just telling you about something I’ve thought a lot about. I’m not just running a theory by you. I’ve learned the truth about the body in the fires of experience, and the healing blood of Jesus has redeemed it all for good.


When I waded into these waters, I swore I’d only get my feet wet. But before I knew it the water was to my knees, to my waist, and then I was skinny dipping in the deep. It wasn’t a river to be crossed once and then left behind. It was a sea, one that I’m meant to live by. And just like the water in Ezekial 47, it brings life to everything it touches.

Naked wasn’t just a word. It was a baptism. 


11 thoughts on “Skinny Dipping in the Deep

  1. The incarnation seems to pass many Christian by, But our human physicality, our body, is affirmed by Jesus sojourn amongst us. His divinity was not compromised from his becoming fully human. A male body was capable of encompassing the Son of Man, the only true Adam, the only fully human being this earth has witnessed. Yet he concurrently existed as as Son of God, “,,,before Abraham I was…”

    Now we become God’s temple, an embodied meeting place of heaven and earth. How we dishonor that privilege and wonder when we allow ourselves to be confined by shame, by using ‘dirty words;’ when referring to our sexual organs. That’s graffiti on God’s holy buildings.

  2. The tears in my eyes and pain in my heart, that your words invoke, are a combination of joy for your journey and discovery, combined with the sadness knowing that thousands if not millions of women are captive to the pains you so wonderfully have shared with the world. God has blessed you with a unique talent and incite into what He desires for all of us, women and men. Thank you Rebekah for revealing His perspective on being naked before Him and others in an amazing way.
    Through His grace,

  3. The nakedness of others was part of my professional life for years as an RN. My own nakedness before others began in massage training and in the clothing optional pools at the resort where the classes were held. All along I was gaining strong biblical and historical validation of “body acceptance,” but actual experience confirmed conceptual theory. When I recently had to get naked before female healthcare professionals, it felt very normal. But God is stretching me even more. That’s what the spiritual virtue of being “naked and unashamed” is all about, isn’t it? Blessings, Rebekah!

  4. Very well said and thank you for sharing. Your path is very similar to mine a few years back. Being nude removes masks and puts us at our core and vulnerability. I have been praying naked for several years now. It is me at my very essence and being in the state that God created
    me. I feel closer to God when I am nude. That’s not to say I don’t have a good relationship with God when I am clothed. I do. But as i said I do believe that clothing is a mask. I put on my business mask, my volunteer mask, my dad and husband mask, etc. it is when those are removed that i am in my most natural, created place, at one and at peace with God. And, you are right, He said it is good!!

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