About Me

I guess if folks still visit blogs they might also read “about me” pages, huh? I’m made up of a lot of things, places and identities I would now categorize as “formerly.” This is the space where I’m fleshing that out in an attempt to know myself better, currently.

Labels get a bad rep these days. I get it. They put people in boxes. But I’m of the opinion they can be really useful sometimes. And I want you to know what you’re in for if you’re going to spend some time here. So here’s a short list of my former and current “labels”:


  •  a Louisianian
  • a fundamentalist-evangelical-charismatic Christian
  • an executive assistant
  • a recreational nudist
  • a sexually repressed dater-of-men
  • a cake decorator


  • a Texan
  • an undecided-agnostic with atheist tendencies
  • a massage therapist
  • an excellent cook
  • a cult survivor
  • a lesbian who is head over heels for her girlfriend.

Stay tuned, there’s so much room for growth here.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Rebecca
    I have been reading more of your posts- I have many questions – questions if inspiration and doubt- questions about truth and lies – about real fellowship with the author of our lives and about the lies that masquerade in the places we call church – is there some way we can dialog ? You can reach me at email messmersteve@email.com

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