Finding my Hinds Feet – a Place Prepared

Before I could blink I’d reached my last week at work. It was a bittersweet time: packing to move and training my replacement. Only then did this start to feel real. My lease was over on the 31st of the month so weeks in advance I made arrangements for a place to stay between September 1st and September 13th, the date of my departure. But, only 5 days before I had to be out of my apartment, those plans fell through and I was looking for a place to lay my head.

This came as an unexpected hitch in my plans, but there is nothing that surprised Him about it. He was preparing a place for me.

I reached out to a couple of friends who have large networks in the area to see if they knew anyone who may let me sleep on their couch for a few days. I planned to reach out to the friends I have in town and sleep on as many couches as possible so as not to be an imposition. But, before I could even do that, my friend Maggie connected me with a family she knows that live only a few miles away who had an open guest room. I’d never met them before, they didn’t know me at all, but they were receptive and invited me to their home to meet them.

I stopped by the Cooks’ house after my last day at work. Immediately I felt the warm familiarity that is present with other believers–the witness of the Spirit. Within an hour, this mother of 4 handed me a key to their home and told me I was welcome to stay in their guest room for the full 2 weeks before I leave. I held back tears, in awe of how He was taking care of me.  I was a stranger without a home, and they have welcomed me.

This, this is what Jesus looks like. This is what it is to be a part of the body of Christ. This is amazing grace. Unmerited favor. It was as though He had this arranged all along.


Cuddling little ones

…and this is where words begin to fail me. I wish that I could communicate with glistening eyes and a lump in my throat everything that I want to say. But this part is still unfolding. My heart is being healed by holding babies, and watching parents shepherd the hearts of their little ones, and laughter between family members and words of encouragement that never cease. My room even has it’s own little writing nook! It couldn’t be more perfect. I didn’t know I needed this. But He did.

I know that my home is ultimately not on the earth. But I am beginning to find glimpses of it in His people. Someone recently reminded me of Jesus words in John 14:1-3,

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.  In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.”

He has a place prepared for me. My home is where He is.

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In which I no longer need Him.

I’ve not been where I felt I “should be”. Spiritually, that is. In the last few weeks the stain of sin has felt unshakable. I am aware of every misspoken word. Punishing myself mentally for letting them slip that way and analyzing them endlessly, worrying that I’ve offended someone or tainted their view of me.

So when I stood in the sanctuary of my church I lifted my hands, praying desperately that they be cleansed. I must repent. I must have a pure heart before Him. How else would He hear me? I don’t know how many songs passed while I offered these furtive pleas with no relief. I kept waiting for the feeling of absolution. Or if I couldn’t feel forgiven, I at least wanted to feel sorry. Guilt wasn’t enough. Shouldn’t I be crying or something?

In a last blanket effort just to show God “I mean this.” I cried out, “I need you. I need you! I just need you.” They were words. Ones that I have spoken countless times over many years as part of my ritual of repentance.

He responded to me with a question. “Why? Why do you need me?”

He wasn’t harsh, because I would have found comfort in that and dismissed his inquiry. For years I have taken refuge in the rebuke of God. I figured as long as He is correcting me, He hasn’t given up on me. For months I have expected the scourge but received comfort instead.

I thought, “What? Why? Does that even matter? Isn’t it enough to know you’re needed? I am acknowledging that I can’t do this on my own. I need your help. What’s wrong with that?” I felt defensive, afraid of His rebuke. After all, we sing, “I need thee every hour.” Our dependence is something to be lauded, isn’t it?

“No. Why? You need me to what end? For what purpose? You need my help. For what?”

I began to understand. “I need you to give me clean hands and a pure heart. I need you to make me presentable. I need to be clean so that I can stand before you. So that I can lift my head in front of you. So I won’t be so ashamed. So I can serve you.”  I want to be cleaned up, and feel cleaned up to my standards so that I can then stand before the very one who cleaned me up to begin with. I decided He couldn’t use me as I am. And I decided when I was presentable enough to represent him.

He spoke again. “You need me for what I can do for you. You need me cleanse you. But what about me? Do you really need me? Will you forget about me once you’ve been purified to your satisfaction?”

I’ve ruminated on that question for a while. I can see that’s exactly what I’ve done. I have cycled through seasons where I simply don’t “need” Him as much as I do in others. I would never admit that to anyone, not even myself.

It’s frightening to think that despite years of walking with the Lord, I’ve only had a utilitarian relationship to Him. I want there to be an exchange. My sorrow over my sin for His sanctification. And only when I feel sufficiently sorry, do I allow Him close enough to comfort me, to speak to me.

This week the Lord showed me that this concept of exchange for grace is what He turned over tables in the temple for. But the fathers house is not a place for trade. It will never be “even”. And as long as I try to make it “fair” I am robbing myself, robbing Him, of true relationship.

I am completely disarmed. I have no argument left. My only choice is to approach Him with a humble heart and simply accept the grace He has offered without argument. And in this I will learn to know Him, rather than need Him.